Get them working early!

Asalaam Alaikum/ Hi all!

My parents are finally coming back from abroad this Saturday inshAllah so we went to their house to tidy up the garden a bit. Man have I missed my mum’s cooking or what?!

It is amazing how tall the grass grew in 2 months but I  managed to convince my brother to cut it so I wouldn’t have to do it! (No I was not being lazy, I had cut my own a few days ago and my back was still complaining!)

My bro cut the grass and I trimmed the edges. My  niece and munchkin were just looking on so I got them working too!! Well how dare they sit there relaxing while we did all the hard work? They had the cheek to tell us we had ‘missed a bit!’

Munchkin actually loves helping out around the house anyway so she didn’t mind….. I wonder how long that will last!!?

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