A growling cat??

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!

Now doesn’t this cat look like a cute, innocent thing??

Well he probably is, but he sure doesn’t like my daughter!!!

The cat belongs to my sister and whenever we go round he looks at her very suspiciously. Possibly because he is used to peace and quiet and my munchkin goes and shatters the peace!

My daughter is a pretty shy thing but isn’t so shy amongst people she knows. She gets a bit over excited at seeing the cat and will talk quite loudly and is pretty much ‘in his face’.

Initially he used to hide whenever we went round. He eventually got brave and would sit and watch her. (When he watched her I said to my sister he looks a bit evil watching her).

However things have turned a bit worrying. He ‘growls’ at her. He will be sitting there and if she is particularly loud or gets too close we can hear this deep rumbling growl. He even bared his teeth once.

We popped round today and the same thing happened. In fact his growling seemed worse and he did lay back his ears once. He has no problem with me. I told him off for growling at my daughter but he just came forward and smelt my hand.

Not sure what to do for the best. Maybe I should ask my sister to keep him out of the room when we go. Maybe he would never attack her but I’m not sure I want to take that risk.

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  • that cat is so cute mashallah…. most cats are afraid of babys because they are unpredictable…. the loud talking proberly makes the cat feel theanted