The Royal Wedding

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all

If you don’t know what I am about to talk about then I’m in shock! It’s all over the news; every time you switch on the TV it is in your face. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??!

Now I personally have nothing against the Royal’s and I wish Prince William and Kate all the best for the future. However I am not going to be camping outside Westminster Abbey to get a good view, nor am I going to be glued in front of the TV on Friday to watch it. If I have nothing better to do/watch then I may turn it on. However, I would like to sincerely thank them for an extra bank holiday. 🙂

The thing that has annoyed me and has led to this blog post is the way some are being ‘forced’ to get involved, especially schools. Munchkin’s school are having a playground street party and she has to wear something red, blue and white tomorrow. I have yet to go through her wardrobe and find something suitable. She will probably end up going to school with clothes that don’t really match. She hasn’t got anything that is soley blue, white and red. She has denim trousers which will have to do as the blue but they have other colours in them. She has a red shirt, but again it has other colours in it. The only thing that fits in with the dress code is a pure white cardigan. I REFUSE to buy anything else as this is getting ridiculous. Last time I ended up having to pay for a princess dress.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know it is just a bit of fun and it doesn’t matter if there are different colours in the clothes, but some parents can take these things seriously. It can also end up as a competition; who has the best dressed child. A family may not have much money and limited clothes and as a result could potentially not have clothes in those colours. You may scoff at that but it is possible.

I say just stick to the school uniform at all times.

Well the next dress up day is princes and princesses but she is allowed to wear her national dress so luckily that will be no problem. I will be able to send her in her shalwar kameez, something like this:

Pic from Rupali
If I have to buy anything else for any other ‘special’ day I am so not going to be happy.

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