Moon Sand

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!
My followers may remember I went to Toys R Us a while ago to buy some moon sand but came out with moon dough (you can read the review here ).
As I had 2 weeks off work in April we paid another visit to Toys R Us and I decided to get the moon sand for a rainy day. Luckily the weather was absolutely gorgeous during the 2 weeks I was off work but we still had some fun with it.
Munchkin picked the Sweet Delights pack but I think that was more to do with the fact that the packaging attracted her attention because it is pink. She is a bit of a pink freak at the moment, even insisting her bedroom was painted pink!
The pack is suitable for 3+. As she is almost 5, it seemed ideal for her. 
The idea of the Sweet Delights pack is to make shakes and smoothies. It even includes a blender which works. Other accessories include an ice cream scoop, 3 parfait glasses, 2 umbrellas, 1 fruit mold, 1 chocolate mould, 3 spoons, 1 sandbox case and 2 bags of moon sand: 1 yellow and 1 pink. 
My little one had no problem using the moon sand and the blender. She easily managed to make up the smoothies and gave them to her dad to ‘drink’. She can struggle with the moulds, but with some practice I am sure she will become a pro!
I must admit I did not think the moulds would work as I had trouble with the moulds for the moon dough. However I was pleasantly surprised when the sand came out of the moulds without any problem and didn’t crumble. I personally loved the banana mould and I ended up making lots of bananas. I don’t think munchkin was overly impressed that I was taking over her moon sand!!
The idea of the sandbox case is great as you have somewhere to store all the accessories and the moon sand. It can also be used as the play area to keep the moon sand in the box and not over the carpets. However we still managed to get moon sand over her clothes and on the carpet. That really is the downside; the mess it can cause no matter how careful you try to be (and how careful is a 4 year old going to be!!?) On the plus side it is easy to clear up and the hoover leaves no trace behind! 
I think it could be improved by providing more than 2 colours of moon sand. Alternatively, you can easily purchase replacement tubs of moon sand of different colours.
My daughter loves it and even my 11 year old niece quite happily played with it when she came to visit. My sister had a go and I quite happily continue to make bananas and other pieces of fruit with the moulds! 
It is definately a hit in our house (apart from the hoovering afterwards!)

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