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Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!
Pic from BHS website
Just had to share this dress my sister got munchkin as I love it! We went out shopping as my sister needed to get some things. She was in a slight bad mood but that generally works in our favour as munchkin ends up being bought things. Now before anyone thinks I am taking advantage I promise I am not. I always try to stop her buying things but does anyone listen to me?? NO! So frankly I have given up.  
She is similar to me as when I get stressed I SPEND! Not always a good idea. Recently I was stressed and went out and got a new car. Then came home and thought ‘ooooops!’  Now I avoid going out if I feel I need some retail therapy! But then you have online shopping! I just can’t escape. HELP!!!!!!!!
Anyway now the melodramatics are over, back to the dress. This we found in BHS. They had ‘Buy one, get one half price’ offer. I am a sucker for these deals, in particular ‘buy one, get one free’. The retailers make these offers with shoppers like me in mind as we get sucked in! My hubby is always taking the mick. 
My sister first got our niece some clothes so then she got this to take advantage of the half price offer.
I don’t usually go for strappy kind of dresses as I prefer her to be covered, but I was immediately drawn to this one. As my sister said I could always put a white T-shirt under it or a cardigan/shrug over it. I just love the butterfly design at the top and pink is munchkins favourite colour. 

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