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Asalaam Alaikum/Hi All
Yay!!! We finally got to go to Drayton Manor this weekend. We were meant to go 2 weeks ago but the weather was miserable. Although there was some rain forecast I was determined to go this Saturday! I was NOT going to let a little bit of rain stop me!! The kids (cough, cough ME) really wanted to go. So I wasn’t going to let them down again!
My niece (who is 11) and munchkin first wanted to go into Thomas Land.
Thomas Land is aimed at the younger children but the adults can go on most of the rides.
My brother is a bit scared of the big rides (and he is almost 40!!!) His daughter and I managed to convince him to go on the roller coaster in Thomas Land by saying it is aimed at kids so it shouldn’t be scary.
So he reluctantly got on.
I have never laughed so much at his reaction. While on the ride…..
You should see his facial expression on the picture that was taken. My munchkin who is 5 is much braver than him. She was giggling away!
We then managed to get him on a bus that goes high. He does not like heights!!
I really wanted to go on the bigger roller coasters but both bro and hubby wimped out!!  I didn’t want to go on my own so left it. I was SO not happy.
I did however manage to convince hubby to go on a ride called Stormforce 10. We also dragged our very reluctant niece on to it. (Evil Aunty or what!?)
Stormforce 10 is a water ride. It is also the UK’s first reverse water chute ride. It has 3 plummets and you go backwards on one.
We first checked out the ride. The people in it who were passing us didn’t look overly wet so I managed to convince both hubby and niece to go on it. Little did I realise but that was the first plummet they had gone down. You actually get wetter with the other two.

That we realised that while we were in the queue. Oooops!

‘THIS WAS YOUR IDEA!’ Now my niece wasn’t happy. We saw the people in the ride going backwards and the ones in the back got drenched. So we decided we would be ok if we didn’t sit in the back. Seeing how wet people were getting we decided to buy some poncho style anorak thingies. £2.50 for a bit of rubbish  plastic. We managed to get 2 out but then the machine swallowed the final £2.50 without giving me a poncho! Oh great!
And to  make matters worse my niece and I ended up sitting in the back. I was in the worst seat possible without a poncho!!!
Yes I got drenched. And I mean DRENCHED. I in fact mean DRIPPING DRENCHED! I did use one of those human dryer things but it didn’t dry me completely. That’s how wet I got!
Drayton Manor also has a zoo which is great if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rides. They had leopards, tigers, monkeys and parrots amongst others. My particular favourites were the parrots and the meerkats. There were 2 parrots that actually said ‘hello’ to you. One seemed to be saying ‘Watcha doing?’ and then made a sound like it was laughing! So cute mashAllah! However, I just fell in love with the meerkats. One was begging for our ice creams!
I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you all to death! Tickets for Drayton Manor are a bit pricey but they usually have the 2 for 1 offers. If you buy a ticket online it is cheaper and if you buy it over a week in advance online it is even cheaper. (You can’t use the 2 for 1 offer online though)
Hopefully we will get to go again, but this time with someone who will go on the bigger rides with me, i.e the roller coaster where you have to stand up! Any volunteers??
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  • Aslaam -o Alaikum sister….It was very interesting to read your article on your day out at Drayton Manor with family. I wanted ask if there were any Halal food places you went to or saw on the Park site? I would be very grateful if you could let me know. We are hoping to go tomorrow (Wed) in sha Allah.

    I await for your reply. Many Thanks

    Mrs B Hussain

    • Wa alaikum asalaam sister. I did mention in the article that we didn’t eat there in the end. Took some snacks with us and then went to Birmingham to eat. One of the restaurants does say it is halal but you have to ask for the halal meat apparently and I personally didn’t want to risk any chance of cross contamination.