How do you get rid of your dark circles under your eyes?

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!

Dark circles under my eyes are the bane of my life!!! I seem to have had them forever but they have gotten worse since I had munchkin (or so I think – others say I am paranoid!!).

I wear glasses and I tried out contact lenses. However because I don’t wear makeup I felt that my dark circles were more obvious without my glasses on! So I was quite content to wear my glasses and keep them partially hidden. That and always feeling faint when putting the lenses into my eyes!!! Yes I am a wimp!! But do you blame me, poking things into your eyes?! Even the thought makes me feel queasy!!

I did a bit of research into dark circles and was surprised to hear that they can be hereditary. I always thought it was simply due to a lack of sleep or lack of a healthy diet. 

So how to get rid of dark circles? 

I am yet to be convinced that you can completely remove dark circles but there are a number of ways in which you can try to reduce them.

The most popular seems to be sticking cut cucumbers over your eyes!  This appears to be because cold temperatures are good for your eyes because the coldness helps reduce puffy eyes and will sooth tired eyes.  

I must say I have never actually used the cucumber technique myself as the thought of lying there with cucumber over my eyes hasn’t appealed to me!

Other tips to help reduce dark circles are to eat healthy, sleep well, not to rub your eyes, wear sunglasses when it is sunny and to use special under eye treatment. If you wear makeup then you can use concealers to hide them.

The question is whether these dark circle removers work? As with any products, some people will swear by them while others won’t!

If any of you have any of your own useful tips on how to remove dark circles then I would love to hear from you! 

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  • I have heard about the cucumber before and I would definitely go for it, it's natural – I have seen my mum too many times having allergies to dark circles remover products.

    Let us know how you are getting on on this. Take care.

  • Assalamu Aleykum dear sis,

    I have also heard about the cucumbers but never tried it myself.I've always had those dark circles around my eyes since I was a child, and people used to look at me in a suspicious way and ask my mom if I slept at all at night lol.

  • Assalamwalaikum Sister,
    I really like your blog and its very nice.
    I recommended you, for removing dark circle apply aloe vera gel.
    Aloe vera is another very useful and favorite herb of the Prophet (SAW). Qays bin Rafi al-Qatsi narrates that God’s messenger (SAW) said, “Aloes and watercress are a sure cure for illness.” In fact, in some areas of the world such as South America, aloe vera is still used as an “all-purpose” cure. In some homes, it is the ONLY herb used – for all illnesses.
    I think you should start research from authentic hadiths,
    if anything about eye care is exist in authentic hadiths then you kindly add those things in your blog.