Men: You are not all experts in plumbing!


Asalaam Alaikum/Hi All!
This is my new bathroom which I had fitted a year ago. My old one was a green bath suite with white tiles and blue walls. Colour clash or what? I was totally desperate to have it changed and I now love my bathroom!
For some reason the toilet flush system went a bit strange a few months ago and was making a lot of noise. For the last few months I have been telling hubby to sort it and call a plumber. However he decided that he would discuss it with my brother. Why??? Is he a plumber??
Anyway they finally decided to try to change the flush system. They got a new one but it didn't sort the problem. Clearly if you do not know what you are doing then the problem isn't easy to fix.


Anyone can learn plumbing basics but they clearly thought they were experts in plumbing without actually learning anything. MEN! (Rolling my eyes here!)
What did they decide to do next? Rather than call a plumber who could probably fix it quickly they decided to buy a whole new cistern.
At that point I decided to go out. Frankly I did not want to be at home when the whole bathroom ended up flooding.They could clean up their own mess.
6 hours later they still weren't finished. At this point even my dad was getting worried. And when my dad gets worried, I freak out!!
If I am honest I went home that evening thinking the bathroom would be flooded, the tiles messed up and a toilet that now wouldn't work at all.
What I went home to was a brand new toilet (yes they ended up going and buying a new toilet pan too as the new cistern wouldn't fit the old toilet). The only damage was to the flooring behind the toilet. There had been some leakage but nothing major. It has now been 5 days and I am waiting to see if it starts leaking! My brother did ask me if it was leaking so clearly he is unsure if they did it right.
It would have made life a whole lot easier if they had just called a plumber. I am sure a plumber would have known what was wrong with the flush system and would have fixed it within minutes rather than hours!
My hubby is pretty useless at DIY. My brother can do most things but it can be a bit worrying as he guesses as he goes along. I am quite tempted to learn the plumbing basics myself, for example fixing a dripping  tap. I am sure I could learn!
Maybe I should have more faith in my hubby and brother…. but when it comes to plumbing issues I would prefer to call in an expert. Is that so wrong? I just feel when it comes to something like plumbing it is  better to be safe than sorry. I don't want to end up with a flooded house.


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  • Salaam alaykum,

    I feel you on this. Sometimes they think they can do everything, but alhamdulillah we know better.

    I hope it keeps working