Chocolate Fix!

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi All
Just had to share this as it is still making me laugh.
I sent my hubby out yesterday because I really fancied a chocolate and I couldn’t be bothered to go myself. (Those that know me will probably find it shocking that there was no chocolate in the house!) 
So I asked him to just pop to the local shop and get me a bar. ONE bar. 
I repeat, ONE bar!
20 minutes later this is what he comes home with. 

And this isn’t even all of it!!!
I would like to think he was being a loving husband, but I reckon it was more to stock up so I wouldn’t send him out on another chocolate mission!
Men huh? 

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  • Awwh! That's so sweeeeet of your husband to do that! I hope my hubby satisfies my cravings like that :P.
    Enjoy your chocolates! =]x

  • Walaikum Salaam!
    LOL! It's called thinking ahead, which is always a good thing to have ;).

    That reminds me of a chocolate story. I remember back in the days of school my friend and I decided to have a chocolate eating competition. I ate 4 chocolates, one after another. He ate about 6. I felt like puking all day after it. He puked all day after it. 😎

    Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend

  • Thanks everyone!

    Livi: he has his moments!

    Yours Truely: You will have to show your hubby this post!

    Umm Mini: Yes alhamdulillah he knows I love my chocolate!

    Nas: LOL that made me laugh. As much as I love chocolate, 4 bars is waaaay to much. I'm not suprised your friend was sick!! Have a lovely weekend too!

  • Assalamu Aleykum sister,

    MashALLAH, let's see the positive side of it.Your hubby is generous with chocolate bars and cakes :).Btw I would love to taste this pink and yellow cake, it looks yummy !

  • Wa alaikum asalaam!

    Lol yes mashAllah he can be generous when he wants!
    The cake is pink, yellow and white! So nice!