A fun festival ruined (well for me)

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!!
I decided to take my munchkin and my niece to the park yesterday around 5.30pm because it was a lovely day and we were a bit bored.
I had completely forgotten about the festival happening this weekend so was gutted that we had missed most of the day time stuff, ie face painting.
Around this time they were getting ready for the evening concert. So we had a quick look around and there were still some rides that were running.
Munchkin adores this bouncy castle slide!

Then we had to have a go at catching Nemo!

 And munchkin insisted on having a go on this trampoline thing. My niece was too scared to go on it but munchkin was really keen. She was a little bit light for it but the man helped her out. When he realised she loved it he bounced her quite hard and you could hear her giggling away! MashAllah she is not scared of rides and things like this at all!

As we were going home we walked through the flowers which were lovely!
However, before we had found the rides I got very annoyed. As we were walking towards the rides a man had a pretend loudspeaker and was gathering people together for ‘The greatest show on earth’. There was a bunch of children already sitting there waiting for the show to start, so I allowed my niece and daughter to sit down and join in. It did start off a bit slow and I found it a bit annoying, but the kids were beginning to think it was funny in places. 
They were doing a trick with a sheet where things were disappearing. The men then covered a lady with the sheet and as they removed the sheet they ripped off her dress so she was left in her bra and knickers.
Well excuse me if I do not find that entertainment. Especially when young children were sitting and watching. 
I am sorry if I offend anyone but why has stuff like this become entertainment? Why is it ok for some random woman to be in her bra and knickers in front of young children, as young as 18 months?
What the hell is going on?
We left the show after that but as we were passing about 20 mins later one of the men was in his underpants and braces, with a hat covering his private parts.
Even if I wasn’t muslim, I would not want my child to see half naked people for the sake of entertainment and comedy. 
For me it is not entertainment and never will be. 

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  • That is definitely NOT entertainment…why is this sort of thing necessary..I just don't understand it and never will. It's just classless. Your pictures are lovely though 🙂

  • Thanks Carly! The sad thing is most of the parents didn't seem too bothered. I mentioned it at work and only one colleague so far seemed outraged at it and suggested I complained. The others thought it was funny, although one did say while laughing that it was inappropriate.

  • The pictures look loveely! I'm glad you guys had funn! and that is SO not right for kids. You know ive noticed that a LOT recently, been to a couple of magic shows with my little sister and cousins, and some of the tricks they do are very inappropriate. and they are SO unexpected, that you can't say anything or do anything right there. Now whenever I have to go to a magic show with the little ones, I'm always a bit skeptic about it. =/
    Thank you for sharing! x

  • The pictures look AWESOME! Your little one reminds me dora the explorer :D.

    & you're right about the show. It's disgusting. What happened to the innocent humour?

  • Thanks for the comments Yours Truly and Nas.

    Sadly Yours Truly it seems to have become a regular thing. The parents watching the show thought it was funny and most didnt even bat an eyelid….and some even took pics of the lady…..disgusted me totally.

    LOl nas will have to tell her she reminds you of Dora!!