Save Legal Aid – please sign this e-petition.

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all
My job is funded by the Legal Services Commission and with the help of Legal Aid my colleagues and I assist clients in matters involving housing, debt and welfare benefits. My particular role involves welfare benefits and with the help of Legal Aid we manage to help solve benefit problems by challenging benefit decisions for various benefits.
Some of you may already be aware that the government is planning on cutting legal aid, therefore the majority of help that is available will just go, impacting the most vulnerable members of our society. 
Therefore I request all those in the UK to consider signing this petition:

Save Legal Aid

Responsible department: Ministry of Justice
Legal Aid protects and helps the most vulnerable in society. It is not just for defending criminals, but helps those with debt, housing, employment and immigration issues (amongst others). Legal aid provides everyone access to justice. The government consultation on legal aid cuts recieved 5,000 replies. Of those replies 3% supported the cuts. This petition pleads that the government uphold the rule of law and doesn’t just end legal aid cuts, but increases the legal aid budget. Justice is priceless. Let our government show that to the world.
Click here to sign the petition.
Thank you.

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