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Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!
I am a ‘torch bearer’ for the lovely Circus Mum to help raise awareness for the Save the Children Campaign. Circus Mum went to the HQ of Save the Children in Farringdon for a conference. You can pop over to her blog here and read about her experience and what Save the Children is all about.
I am sure most of you will have heard about the severe drought in East Africa and seen the pictures on the news. How can anyone not want to help after seeing the heart rendering images?

There is an easy way to help. All we are asking you to do is sign a petition. The petition is to try to address the issue of the shortage of healthcare workers. Simply having more healthcare workers could save many more lives. So what are you waiting for? Go and sign the petition, it doesn’t take long!
Here is some more information on the petition:

On Tuesday 20th September, a fellow blogger Chris Mosler (@ChristineMosler) will attend the UN General Assembly in New York. She is going there with Liz Scarff on behalf of Save the Children to pressure David Cameron to play his full part in solving the health worker crisis.  There is a target of 60,000 signatures on the petition by Tuesday. At the moment that petition sits at 41,673 can we change that? Sure we can!

Let’s pull together, people power and make Chris proud.  Lets do our damnedest to make sure she goes on Tuesday armed with 60,000 signatures.

Apart from just signing the petition you can also:
1. Join in with @helloitsgemma and @michelletwinmums 100 blogs 100 words challenge. All you have to do is write 100 words about a health care worker who touched your life.
2. Pass it on. Link to other bloggers and get them to spread the word and sign the petition!
3. Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and family and friends! 
My 100 words.
A health care worker who touched my life was actually my nurse at the GP surgery. She was lovely and made me feel really at ease. Sadly she has moved to a different surgery. 
She was genuine and always listened to my concerns and did not make me feel stupid. I used to panic badly when it came to injections and blood tests but she always helped me calm down and was patient with me when I felt as though I was going to faint! 
Lets help others experience the kindness of health care workers.
Sign the petition. 


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