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Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!!

I’m the kind of girl who is not really into fashion or expensive styling products etc which is why I don’t always comment on your blogs if they are based on fashion or styling products. Sorry but it is of no interest to me what the latest fashion is and what the latest ‘must have’ product is!
Clothes wise I wear what I find comfortable, and product wise…… well I do not wear make up at all and anything else….I just buy what seems reasonable.
However, I recently came across this product and I love, love, love it soooooo much I just had to share it all with you.
I mentioned that I had cut my hair in this post. I went to the hairdresser and she realised that I don’t use many products. I had washed my hair that morning and when I wash my hair I tend to look like I have been electrocuted….my hair gets so frizzy and dry. So she recommended a product that she had come across: Argan Secret hair styling elixir. 
I was a bit skeptical as I have tried plenty of products before. They have either made my hair really greasy or made my hair feel rock hard!! In the end I gave up and went for the electrocuted look.
I started getting a bit curious when she couldn’t stop raving about it. She wasn’t going to profit from me buying it because she wasn’t selling it. And to be honest, I liked her. She was friendly and seemed genuine. When I click with people like that I will trust their judgement.
Apparently the hair styling elixir reduces drying time, adds shine, softens hair, manages frizzies and helps protect from sun and wind damage.
Sounds too good to be true yeah?
Well I thought what the heck and went to buy it.
At the shop it was on offer, buy 2 and get 1 free. I am a bit of a sucker for BOGOF so I decided to invest in the shampoo and conditioner too.
First time in my life I have brought such expensive products for my hair.
And I don’t regret it one bit!!!
It actually does what it claims to do!! 
It has made my hair so soft and manageable mashAllah!! I am no longer walking around with hair out of control and looking abit unhealthy! It doesn’t make my hair look greasy and I am sure the hair elixir DOES reduce drying time.
Even though it costs more than I am usually prepared to pay for hair products, I will not think twice about continuing to buy it.
If you use it, or decide to try it, then let me know that you think!! 


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  • I too never like to buy expensive products – but I think it depends on your hair! The only specialist products I buy for the family are for my eldest daughter. This is because of her curly hair – normal products make it frizzy so I will buy extra products which are just for curly hair!

  • It's funny, I was about to place an order for pure Argan Oil and stock up on some shampoo and conditioner (Aubrey Organics) but wasn't sure which Argan Oil product to look for. Now at least I have something that's been recommended!

  • @Karima, I think the problem with my hair is that it is naturally wavy and I had curls when I was younger, so that may be why it is so frizzy!

    @Tinuke, Glad to be of some help!! If you try it then let me know what you think!

  • Argan oil is a miracle worker! It costs a fortune, but is totally worth it, and can be used on any part of the body! Glad you found something which works well for you.