Being the youngest child sucks at times!


Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all


I am the youngest in my family by 9 years……I was a mistake!


And today I have decided I definitely hate being the youngest.


According to some, being the youngest child is an advantageous position due to all the affection you get from family.


I must say I was kind of spoiled by the family when I was younger. Even my (then) 9 year old brother, who had threatened to pull my hair if I turned out to be a girl, fell in love with me when he saw me.


However being the youngest is beginning to haunt me.


It is almost as if the family do not realise, or won’t accept, I am all grown up!


Take for example when I got pregnant. They panicked because they thought I would be unable to cope. And then when I took munchkin to Pakistan for the first time my mum went too! The reason was they wanted to go see my grandmother but I KNOW it was because they were worried about munchkin.


Anyone who reads that and doesn’t know me probably thinks I must be totally incompetent.


Also being the youngest I feel like (and still do) that alot of pressure and hopes were placed on me, in particular in areas where my older siblings may have failed, for example going to uni. I don’t know if it is a general thing, or even if it is a cultural thing. I often feel as though I am still being treated like a child and it is seriously beginning to bug me.


Are any of you the youngest child? Do you enjoy it? Hate it?


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  • wa'alaykum assalam sis
    I'm the eldest child, and eldest is not that better in position, cos its more responsibility and men won't ask for ur hand cos they want the youngest. Silly, aye ? Lol. Also less attention to the elder, like I'm just there , quiet. It depends on the person actually. The personality counts. I guess we have to say, alhamdulillah for everything =)

    Nothing is perfect, and it would be boring if it was.

    Take care mate <3
    keep in touch xxx

  • I am the Oldest! And like Black Pearl says – its not that better in position! I think it is not something to worry about! Karima

  • Wow Black Pearl, didn't realise about how men want the youngest…that is just sooo shallow! You are better off without men like that!

    Karima, I am not worried about it…just gets me really frustrated. I am married with a child and still feel like I am being treated like a child myself at times!

    But as Black Pearl says, Alhamdulillah for everything! xx

  • I am the Oldest too, lots of responsibilities on my shoulders, but I can say looking at my sister that her place as youngest is not better – as you say, even till now she is 28 they all treat her like a baby, worry when she is late home or when she has to take the bus in the middle of a big city – she manages well on her own and I don't know how she copes with it to be true.

    I understand it takes on your nerves some times and it's normal…..thought if God created us this way it's for a reason!!

    Take care

  • Assalamu Aleykum sis,

    I'm the youngest too and I know exactly what you're talking about.My parents are white europeans but I'm still treated as the "little one".I currently live with my mom and when I said to my dad I'm planning to move away, he asked me how I would take care of my son without my mom's help lol.I also know about the whole parents expectations and I probably broke their heart when I started wearing the hijab and chose my Deen over many things.

    Lot of love to you and munchkin

  • Assalaamualikkum,

    I am the oldest. But I can totally related to what you are talking about- because this is a part of our culture too..:)

    Guess parents don't like to believe that their youngest has grown old..lolz..:)

  • Salaam alaykum,

    Me the youngest too, recognising things you say. They still feel like I am a little child and thinking I can't deal with marriage and kids.

    But insha'Allah one day they will realise.