GUEST POST: Technology’s Newest Dangerous Weapons

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!

My very first guest post while I am on my holidays is from Celebral Tickle and I completely agree with this post! I always look forward to Celebral Tickle’s post as she says it how it is and won’t hold back!


Everywhere I go, I’m on the lookout for them. I duck, run and hide whenever I see one. I turn my back and shield my children with my body if one is in sight. They are dangerous. They can ruin lives. They have distressed people to the point of extreme hypertension, and even death. What are they?

In this age of smart phones and bluetooth headsets, when you see a camera phone being held upright, you never know whether the owner is writing a text message, playing a game, selecting some audio to listen to, or recording you either by photo or video. I live in the constant fear that members of my family and/or myself may end up on YouTube, Facebook or someone’s blog because someone decided to put us there without our knowledge and consent.
And although camera phones are some of the least obvious ways to photog someone without his/her knowledge, traditional cameras and camcorders are fully capable of doing so as well, especially the new age digital ones which can zoom in from a distance so far away, that you would not be able to see the photographer/videographer unless you were looking at them through a magnifying lense of your own.
Why is it that I and others now have to live in fear that going about our days, minding our own business may land us on an internet website? Why do some people take pleasure in recording images of strangers and then sharing those images as if they are theirs to do with as they please? Oh, hang on, many people will argue that they have the right to record anything or anyone they desire within a public space, and any image they capture belongs to them. This is the same logic and legality which allows the paparazzi business to thrive, isn’t it?! But when does one’s right to film someone end and a person’s right not to be filmed begin?
Regardless of what the laws of any land state, I am firmly opposed to anyone being able to possess and use clips of anyone else without the express permission of the person of whom such recordings are made. I think that it is just plain wrong and a complete invasion of my privacy for someone to own, share, publish or use photographs of me without my permission. For me, that is the ultimate violation of my rights.
Many people have no idea just how dangerous having their photos online can be, but I do, and based on that I choose not to have mine there. So it is beyond appalling for me to find photos of myself, which I never even knew existed, on Facebook, with my name attached, posted by people who are neither my friends virtually nor in real life.
Think that I’m being paranoid on this subject? Read this article!
I am not trying to dictate to anyone how to live his/her life and whether or not to post photos, videos or other identifying or sensitive information of him/herself and family online. All I’m saying is that I am allowed to have a say on who can possess photos of myself and children and what can or can’t be done with those photos, and whatever I decide on the subject should be respected.

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  • I totally agree – Thank you for your post that well show the dangers of such practices.
    I remember a day we were at a festival and children around us were so cute my friend wanted to take shots of them and I was terrified as parents did not say a word. My friend won't put these photos on line but these families would not know this, what kind of person she is or who can access her camera.
    Quite disturbing that's maybe why I am not so keen to put photos of me or family on Internet and your post confirms my mindset.
    Take care.

  • SubhanAllah definitely food for thoughts.. I've never really thought about it, I guess I might be quite naive in that area… but I totally agree with not wanting our own (and kids) pics getting into the wrong hands
    thanks for posting this

  • Another great guest post. I can't seem to open the links at the end though. There was an article I once read that a research team at some university had developed photo recognition software that allowed you to take a picture of someone and it would find out everything about them that is available on the internet. Which is preeeeettty scary!

    I think though I have sympathy for what the author is trying to say, it can be somewhat impractical. say you're at a really popular tourist destination. Come here in London anywhere, and you want to take a photo. It's extremely difficult at times to get 'other people' out of them.