GUEST POST: It’s not over after the birth

It’s Not Over After The Birth

I hope you’ve got your nappies ready, because although for some your pregnancy might be a huge event, and don’t get me wrong, it really is, you’ve got to remember it’s only just beginning. Your labour could possibly be one of the hardest things that you have ever gone through, or it might have been really easy (!), but what is sure is that the next 18 years, or more, are going to be a lot tougher. Yes there will be some amazing moments, but there will also be some really tough times for you to get through, but at the end of the day it will all be worth it.

The Beginning of the Rest of Your Life

I think everyone realises that pregnancy is just the beginning of a huge commitment which will last for many years, but it is important to remind people now and again that what they are entering is a deal which is going to last a lifetime. But let’s not get caught up in long speeches about the length of your commitment, because that starts as soon as the baby is born! So it is really important to remember that as soon as you hold your baby in your arms, he or she is going to be relying on you for a while, and you need to start acting straight away.

Relying on You

To have someone else to think about can be an extremely daunting prospect and it becomes all the more real once they have actually entered the world. After all the pregnancy symptoms and problems you might have experienced, you now have a person that is relying on you to make the right decisions for them. Whilst for some this might seem like an impossible task, you are the person who will make the decisions but remember it’s all about being positive and making sure that that little baby grows up to be someone who is cared for and understands why things have happened. The responsibility you have after the birth far outweighs the challenges you had in actually getting to that point in the first place; it really is just the beginning!

Get Your Partner Involved!

For your partner it is just the same, and they need to support you as they did through your pregnancy. Its really important that everyone pulls together, so if your partner thinks his days of changing nappies will never begin, make sure you give him a nudge in the right direction, it will help in the long run! He might have thought that having to help you through the various aches and pains during pregnancy was enough, but with the commitment that you have both entered into you can be sure that there will be plenty more aches and pains in the future, although you will probably be sharing them with one more person! Having a child is the most wonderful thing possible, but it is really important that preparing yourself for after the birth is right up there with your priorities – there’s no turning back!

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