Asalaam Alaikum/Hi All!

As part of my 3 week scheduled guest posts I am pleased to be able to offer you a poem by the lovely Marie from The Colour of Our Skin and The New Scheherazades. Her poems are beautiful and I love reading her inspiring blog posts.Photobucket

Your Life and Mine
I would like to have your life
You are rich and you smell nice
I am dreaming of a better world
At the next corner, Inside a bunker
I would like to have your face
Your shining eyes and your skin colour
Mine seems not good enough for them
They laugh at me again and again
I would like to have your chance
A nice house, school reports and kisses when the might comes
The only thing I know
Are the cries of my mum and the painted walls of the ghetto
I would like to have your life
But God gave me something else
The opportunity to believe
The strength to achieve
Hope and Faith
Are my motto
But have no meaning
For you, who have it all

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