Will 2012 really be different?

I did a tweet last night about how I hope 2012 will be better and then I thought how is a number going to change the way my life is heading?

I don’t celebrate New Year, I am usually in bed when the clock strikes midnight. Islamically it is not our new year but because it is the year we follow in our day to day lives, I always see January as a fresh start.

But really….how is the clock striking midnight going to impact me?

It is not.

It is simply another day. Just a different number at the end of the date.

Another day with any existing problems still hanging over our heads. Unfortunately they do not disappear.

How many people will be making meaningless resolutions for the sake of it? And then not sticking with it? Going to diet, going to save money, blah blah blah. It is the same every year.

This year I don’t care. 

Tomorrow is just another day.


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  • Assalaamu Alykkum,

    Well said my dearest sister in Islam. I have a post which gives light to what does it mean for a Muslim, when we say New Year! If you have a moment, I would really appreciate you to read and share your thoughts.

    My prayers are with you and your lovely family!


  • That's so sad.

    For me even though I don't celebrate the standard new year either I do see it as a fresh start and it gives me a fresh feel as if it's a new start.