Getting fit with the Wii

So when I was finally brave enough to venture out to the sales we stopped off at the GAME store to check out the games for the Wii and see if any decent ones were on sale.
We found this:

EEA Sports Active 2 for Wii console.
Now considering I already have the Wii Fit and Zumba I wasn’t going to purchase it. But I am a sucker for bargains and at £4.98 I couldn’t resist. It is pre-owned but looks brand new!
My hubby just rolled his eyes when I told him I had it as he thinks it is another thing that will eventually gather dust in the cupboard as is the unused Zumba game……
However, I am now on a mission to get fit. I am determined this time!
I have turned into a right lazy so and so, I drive everywhere and the only walking I do is the school run and walking to and from the car!! I wanted to join the gym but it can be kind of expensive and you get locked into a contract. Plus I am not comfortable going on my own, would prefer to go with a friend. So the alternative is to motivate myself to exercise at home.
I was tempted by this game due to the novelty of it having a heart rate monitor and a motion sensor which you stick on your leg.
Well my first workout was trying to get the heart monitor to work. I kid you not but it took me about half an hour to sort out and that was only because I turned to my trusted friend google for some answers. It was suggested I reset the peripherals……ummm what?! Didn’t understand what it was all about but I followed the instructions and hey presto it started to work.
To be honest I am not sure the heart rate monitor is entirely accurate and sometimes the leg sensor doesn’t pick up my movements. If I had paid the full price I would not have been impressed but at the price I got it for I can’t complain.
If I stick to it I think it will help me get fit. I set it at easy and even then by the end of it, (26 short exercises taking about 20 minutes), I just wanted to lay down and die! Clear indication of how unfit I am!! It helps you warm up and cool down and you have a virtual trainer who does the exercises with you, there are also tutorials on how to do all the exercises properly.
You workout for 4 days and have 3 rest days which you can set to suit you….I have done tomorrow as a rest day already! You can also complete a journal about your meals and what other exercise you have done. 
Now you can all motivate me to stick with it….anyone want to join me in my mission to get fit this year?


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  • Salaam alaykum,

    Good luck with it. At least you already used this one once.

    You're planning to exercise one day and pause the next?

  • Assalamu Aleykum sis,

    I'm desesperatly trying to get fit as well.I used to exercise on a daily basis (30 days shred), but I have to admit that I have given it up for a while and gained all the weight back lol.

    Hope you won't be like me and will seriously keep committed to this one IsnhALLAH.I'd love to try it tho!

  • wa alaikum asalaam Umm Mini, have currently set it so that workouts are on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri. Thinking to do something else at the weekends.

    Wa alaikum asalaam um Zakarya. We should motivate each other!!