The Cherry on Top Award

The lovely Tinuke from Circus Mum gave me the Cherry on Top award a few weeks ago but I am only just getting round to posting it now!! (sorry!)

From what I gather the rules are simple:

Post a few things that you love about yourself.
Post your favourite picture.
Tag five bloggers with the award.

Ok so a few things I love about myself……….ummmm…..I have never sat down and thought about what I love about myself so I am finding this a bit tough. I could have easily listed what I don’t like about myself!

1. I love that I am a good friend (well I think I am). I am always there to help out friends in need in whatever way I can.

2. I love that I have managed to control my temper (to an extent) and am more willing to compromise about things. I guess becoming a wife and mum does that to you.

Ok 2 will have to do as I am seriously struggling.

Now one of my favourite pictures is of my hubby and munchkin; I am not prepared to share that on a public blog. So one of my other favourite pictures is of my budgies.

This picture really makes me smile as find it so cute. Sadly the yellow one escaped and the blue one is now all alone 🙁
Now I have to tag 5 bloggers that I love….only 5???
Inspiring Always
Dana at Dana’s Diary
Salma at Chasing Rainbow


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  • Thank you so much for the tag, I love budgies too, we used to have a beautiful little blue one, he was so friendly would come out of his cage and sit on our fingers, drink out of cups etc, so friendly we used to leave his cage door open… we sometimes when it was sunny took his cage outside, one time we did just that and he was happily sunning himself, then we went out, forgetting to bring him in.. and forgetting to shut his door 🙁 he flew away by the time we got back and so we lost him.

  • Congratulations Foz for the award, Jazakallah khair for giving it to me ^.^ The birds are so cute, so sorry about the yellow one, poor blue bird. They look so adorable in that photo =P

  • The blue one here is hand reared and quite tame, but when the others were introduced she didn't stay as friendly, especially when she struck up a friendship with the yellow one. Now the other two have paired up and I think she feels the odd one out poor thing.

    Aww Sarah sorry to hear about your budgie!

  • Congratulations for the award, Foz, you deserve it. And, thank you, for giving it to me.

    I think it's a good idea to list the things we like about ourselves. Then another list of what we don't like. The plan is to change what we don't like and keep up with what we like!!!

    Take care and have a great day.

  • Congratulations my dear! This award is lovely. Thank you for sharing it with me.
    You found it hard to list things you like about yourself, but it's a good exercise. Because we have weaknesses but we have strengths too, and by seeing what is positive in us, we can see what is positive around us.
    Love your birdies, they are so cute!

    Have a great day! xxx