Bullying is every parents nightmare and something that does concern me. My munchkin is a pretty sensitive soul and not one to fight back; she will take things to heart.
Last week while having breakfast she turned to me with tears in her eyes and said she wanted to change school. This is not normal for her so I gently questioned her. Apparently a boy had threatened to chop off her head and her friends heads. She hadn’t told the teacher but told the boy she was going to tell her mum. She then only found the courage to tell me in the morning, (or maybe it had slipped her mind).
In all honesty I was in shock that 5/6 year olds are going round saying this. Where has he picked it up from? TV? Violent games? His parents?
I questioned munchkin as I thought it may have been part of a game the children were playing at break time. However, she said it was during class.
I decided that this time I would have to speak to the teacher. She had complained before about another boy poking her in assembly but that to me seemed like just boy behaviour and told her if he carried on to tell the teacher and not sit near him.
I spoke to the teacher who wasn’t surprised by it as apparently the child says things like this without thinking. So she said she would speak to the child during the day.
I am sorry but is it just me that thinks that she should speak to the parents? I do not believe that this is targeted bullying, but if a child is constantly going round threatening to chop off others heads should not the parents be spoken to? So that they can drum it into this kids head that it is wrong to say things like this and scare other children? Why is he even saying things like this in the first place?? 
Yeah it may just be kids being kids but my child does not go around threatening to hurt others and if she did I would stamp on that kind of behaviour immediately.
It scares me to think what other things munchkin will come across and I hope she never experiences full on bullying.Photobucket

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  • Sounds scary. If I was you, I would have tried to talk to the boy's parents. This era is not like how it was when we were in our elementary schools. There are numerous reports of unbelievable crimes committed by kids these days so not a good idea to simply ignore it. Also, if your munchkin is afraid, so something has stuck on her mind which needs to be removed…

    I guess TV and those scary video games are the culprits for making kids no more kids… How much they enjoy 'killing' in the gaming world…and they might get a feeling that killing isn't a crime at all…

    Anyways, I guess you need to first washout munchkin's fear..! Good luck and prayers!

  • You're very right about this-it's unacceptable! How could anyone be happy with their child being told that?! Totally agree the parents need to be spoken to! x

  • Im a bit worried about speaking to parents…in this day and age you dont know how they are going to react and could be aggressive. Will see how it goes and if it continues I will just have to bite the bullet and speak to the mum.

    Thanks for the advice

  • Im going to see if it happens again and ask the teacher if shes spoken to the parents. If not then I will have to consider telling them that their child is scaring munchkin