Moon Sand Pet Shop Review

We were really excited to be sent some Moon Sand to review as munchkin is a big fan of Moon Sand. We have already purchased a few packs ourselves but jumped at the chance to review the new Pet Shop Moon Sand.
As soon as it arrived we couldn’t wait to get it opened and have a go. 
Yes I was just as keen as munchkin!
You get two packs of sand, one purple and one orange and plenty of mould’s which include cats, dogs, rabbits, carrots, bones and much more. 
My particular favourites were one of the dogs and the rabbit!
The only downside that I personally found was that some of the smaller animals can get a bit fiddly. Even I was struggling with the small cat and dog as I kept breaking the tail! After a few tries we managed to get it right:
Munchkin now asks to play with it everyday as she loved it so much. It will continue to keep her entertained and it is certainly family fun as I can get involved too – I just love sand aswell!
The tray is ideal as it keeps the majority of the sand in it and off the floor. However, we still managed to get some on the floor but that can easily be hoovered up. So no need to panic! And when you are finished playing you can just close the box up – so no need to spend ages tidying everything up or pushing a reluctant child to tidy! 
I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that you can actually bake the moon sand once you have shaped it and then paint it as you wish! We haven’t tried that yet as we are having too much fun just moulding the shapes and playing with the sand, but we will definitely try it soon!
NEW Moon Sand Pet Shop
£14.99 SRP
Moon Sand gives you the most adorable Pet Shop imaginable! Easily mould a variety of cute animals in a matter of seconds. Enjoy the company of cats, turtles, dogs and bunnies – the Moon Sand Pet Shop lets you create them all! And with the easy-to-use sandbox container, you’ll always have a quick and simple clean up. Moon Sand never dries out, letting you repeatedly mould and play with your favourite animals. Mould your way into the perfect Pet Shop with Moon Sand! Includes Pet Shop, 13 moulds, 2-in1 tool & 2 colours of Moon Sand. Contents vary. For ages 3 years and over.


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