Pregnancy is not an illness

I know pregnancy is not an illness, but when someone says it to you without even knowing how you feel, it can really annoy you.
Yes pregnancy is not an illness as such, but every woman is different. One of my closest friends ended up hospitalised due to severe ‘morning’ sickness. So it may not be an illness but the first trimester can sure as hell make you feel ill.
I am one of the few lucky ones that does not experience severe morning sickness. I can feel a bit queasy now and then but nothing that stops me getting on with my work. The only issue I have had this time is extreme tiredness which does seem to be easing up.
I got very angry yesterday at work. As I work on the second floor, (we have ground floor, first floor and second floor), I am always up and down the stairs. I see clients on the ground floor and then the photocopiers are on the ground and first floor. Yesterday I was feeling a bit rough as it was because I am coming down with a cold. After seeing a client I got to the top floor and the receptionist rang saying I was needed downstairs again. I moaned a bit about having to go back down again as I still sometimes get breathless coming up the stairs and one of my colleagues turned round and said pregnancy is not an illness.
I literally had to bite my tongue not to snap at her.
Yes it not an illness but at the moment it is sapping my energy that stairs seem to be a mission. And it didn’t help that I was getting a cold.
I am not one to use my pregnancy as an excuse. I have been getting on with my work, going on courses to London and seeing clients with stinking colds who then pass them on to me. I even have another course to go on in  two weeks which I really don’t want to go to but will because ‘pregnancy is not an illness’.
Well I  am sure that colleague probably felt a bit guilty when I started bleeding and had to go home. (Am ok and will do an update about that on Saturday, lots to fill you all in on). Photobucket

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  • Some people just don't think about what they say. Different women, different pregnancies. My friend had to stay in bed from the 2nd month while my colleague was perfectly well and only stopped work 2 days before giving birth.
    Still pregnancy is tiring and after all you have the right to say how you feel!
    Hope you are keeping well. Take care of you dear. xx

  • No they definitely don't think. I wouldn't have been so shocked if a man had said it but this was a woman who has children.

    Last time I left 4 weeks before by due date and munchkin arrived 2 weeks early. This time I am planning on leaving as soon as I can….had enough.

  • I can't believe a woman said this to you! How senseless, I bet she is one of those women who doesn't have kids or lies through her teeth pretending everything is perfect with her family etc when really she's cracking up. Stupid comment!! Hope your ok hunni *hug* x

  • Thanks hun. I am ok. She has children herself (grown up) so maybe she has forgotten what it was like. But then she should know every woman is different. x

  • I guess women only will say this and never man. Some women tend to compare everything with their life…don't they? If they had a sail through pregnancy they might think that its not an ordeal for others too.. and they don't just think that every person is different. Weird anyways! Hope you are feeling better now.