Sponsored Video: My Pelvic Floor Fitness – Pregnancy

When pregnant, you have a lot to think about. One thing that often slips my mind is my pelvic floor exercises. In all honesty I had no idea about these exercises until my first pregnancy (I was reading anything and everything to get mentally prepared!)
The pelvic floor is basically composed of muscles and it supports your bladder, bowel and uterus. In pregnancy, more pressure is placed on the the pelvic floor and can weaken it, leading to light bladder weakness. However, if the exercises are done properly and regularly then they can help prevent leaking urine. 
After my first pregnancy I did try to keep up with my pelvic floor exercises but after a while I forgot. With a new baby and feeling tired all the time, the exercises took a back seat. But they are so simple, you can do them at any time. It would have helped if I had had something to remind me to do them.
Now with smartphones becoming so popular, there are many apps for various things. Lights by TENA have launched a brand NEW app, available via the Apple App store and Android Market, called ‘my pff’ – my pelvic floor fitness.

So if you need help with your pelvic floor exercises, you can download for free now via: http://unr.ly/xEWtYS
Discreet and informative, it will expertly guide you through when, where and how to do your pelvic floor exercises without anyone else needing to know. ‘my pff’ is the perfect application to guide you through your pelvic floor training. The app is free and it also has video classes, frequently asked questions and tracks your progress.
No excuse now for me to forget to do my exercises!

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by TENA but all thoughts and opinions are my own.   Photobucket

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