Week 12 – Pregnancy Update

This has been one roller coaster of emotions week and I am glad that I have finally got to week 12 alhamdulillah. 
Over a week ago I had some slight spotting. I tried not to panic as in my first pregnancy I bled alot but baby was still ok. The spotting stopped after just a day but in all honesty I couldn’t relax as that is what had happened in my first pregnancy before the major bleeds started. So everyday I was feeling nervous, expecting to start bleeding; every morning I would rush to the toilet to check.
So really it shouldn’t have been a major shock when the bleeding started on Wednesday at work. I was feeling pretty fragile anyway due to a slight cold and the insensitive comment that was made which you can read about here. So when I saw the blood I just ended up in tears. My work colleague offered to drive me home but I had to pick up munchkin so needed my car. I rang the midwife and got her answerphone. As I was at work I didn’t have my notes with me so didn’t have the number for the maternity unit – I have since saved it in my phone. So I rang the GP and the receptionist told me to ring the hospital on the switchboard. 
I went home and got the proper number from my notes and rang the midwives. They booked me in for an emergency scan the following day. My own midwife then rang me 2 hours later by which time I had sorted it all myself. 
I was trying not to panic as the blood I had experienced in my first pregnancy was double that which I was experiencing now. But for some reason it felt different and something didn’t feel right to me. I phoned hubby and he immediately came home as he could tell I was quite emotional.
That evening went so slowly but due to the emotions and crying I feel into an unsettled sleep at around 10pm. The scan was at 11.15am the next morning. 
By the morning the blood had reduced to slight spotting which slightly eased my fears, that and the fact that I was in no pain. But I was still so nervous going for the scan. 
There were 2 sonographers in the room, one was a student who was doing the scanning. They initially kept the screen away from me and the moment it took them to scan and then laugh in delight (as baby was active) was the longest moment of my life. They then showed me bubs on the screen and s/he was VERY active and it looked like s/he had the hiccups. I was so happy that bubs was ok I was in tears.
I fear that this is the first of many bleeds if my first pregnancy is anything to go by. I just need to try not to panic each time it happens, easier said than done though.
Things seem to be moving quickly now. I have my appointment with the diabetes team on Monday and then I have my proper dating scan on Wednesday – I get another chance to check up on bubs to make sure all is still ok. 


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