Week 13 – Pregnancy Update

A lot has been happening this week and in all honesty am feeling a bit down and stressed.
I have developed gestational diabetes already.
I went to see the diabetes team on Monday. They said my booking in blood test had been ‘wonderful’ (her exact words) but because I had developed GD later on in my first pregnancy, they wanted to start monitoring my blood sugar levels immediately. I was slightly annoyed because if my sugar levels were fine I saw no reason to have to prick myself 3 times a day to check my sugar levels in my blood – I have to do it 1 hour after each meal.
I am now glad they made me do it.
My sugar levels are very high.
One hour after a meal the maximum they should be is 7.8. I was hitting 8’s, 9’s and even 10’s. I tried varying my diet. In the morning I stopped eating white bread and went on to weetabix. I only had 2 weetabix and it was still high. Diabetes nurse suggested I just have one and I thought do you want to me to starve????
Even chapattis and curry make the levels shoot sky high. Apparently rice isn’t even good for you and I LOVE biryani and rice………WHAT DO I EAT??
If I have a simple fish piece and say some sweetcorn with it then sugar levels come to an acceptable level. I have started having a salad at work which keeps my levels normal – but I still feel hungry.
I told the nurse and she has now given me medication to take in the morning to see if that helps as my levels are highest in the morning. Going to start that tomorrow. She is going to refer me to the diabetes team at the hospital. I am hoping to see a dietitian as I am so stressed right now – I could just go and sit in a darkened room and cry. I don’t know what to eat and frankly I am scared of eating – I am just feeling hungry all the time as I am not having fulfilling meals as I am new to this and still learning what is ok to eat and what isn’t.
I just had a chapatti today and an omelette earlier on at my mums – that made my levels shoot up to the highest yet. Then I got too scared to eat anything afterwards and just had some crackers and cheese! (I am assuming cheese is ok).
So I am now spending a lot of time on the internet researching into GD and trying to work out what foods my body can cope with.
On the plus side, had another scan on Wednesday and all is good so far alhamdulillah. My official due date is 22 September inshAllah. Bubs was very chilled out during the scan, wasn’t in an ideal position for measurements, but was so comfortable wouldn’t shift into a better position. We eventually did get the measurements we needed!
PS Any advice re GD would be gratefully received!


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  • Oh no, not even rice? eek. I'm sure you will find the right balance for you though over the coming weeks. I've not got any tips specifically for gestational diabetes but my own mum has type 2 so I could ask her for some advice, she seems to have just about got on top of it.

  • Yep, had rice today at my mums with a bit of curry and youghurt and it shot up to 8.6, which I guess isn't as bad as 9 or 10.

    Not tried boiled rice yet.

    I appreciate any suggestions!

  • stay away from carb and go for a 20 min walk after each meals, that helps a lot.If you are hungry eat lots of vegetables

  • Salaam alaykum,

    Unfortunately for you I don't have any advice.

    I'll be making du'a for you.

    Insha'Allah you'll find something to eat(which doesn't raise the level) soon

  • Salaam alaykum again,

    I checked something and translated it fast with google.:

    In general, the following applies:

    Eat sweets in moderation and to minimize
    Choose whole grain products
    Choose low-fat dairy
    Choose lean meat and eat more fish
    Eat plenty of vegetables
    Eat enough fruit
    Use sugars only in moderation. Be careful with fruit juices: that's mostly sugar.

  • I am so sorry for you, I imagine how uncomfortable this situation can be. I hope you'll find what's best to eat and feel better soon.
    Take care Foz! xx

  • Assalamu Alaikkum sis,

    I am so sorry to hear. I seriously feel for you… It's so hard when we grow more and more hungry during pregnancy and if we're asked not to eat..:(

    Sorry, I don't have any advice for GD, but generally for diabetes I have seen people eating ragi rotis. You need to mix some ragi flour with wheat which contains a lot of Calcium that helps beat diabetes. Have you tried ragi rotis?

  • Foz, I stopped pricking my fingers at around 5 months in (btw I didn't gestational, I was doing it before. I pricked my side instead, which could be considered icky, but it worked for me.

    I drank shakes, and ate foods for diabetics from the health food store. It was expensive, but worth it. Do you want me to send you a diabetic cookbook?

  • oooh the thought of pricking my side is making me feel queasy!!!

    Yeah I have been considering finding out about what specific diabetic foods are available out there.

    Thank you so much for the kind offer, am planning to go to the library to find some books x