Buying Second Hand

I personally have never brought anything second hand. Except for cars…and even then when I started to work and got my own car, I got one that was less than a year old with very low mileage.
So when my friend mentioned I should check out a well know auction site for a pushchair I literally recoiled in horror. 
What?! Second hand? Are you serious?!
I guess I am a second hand snob!
Yes I know there is nothing wrong with second hand, I am just not used to it!
But I started to come round to the idea.
When I was expecting with munchkin I got a pushchair that was around £400. However, she hated the pushchair and the rearward facing car seat and would scream blue murder! So we usually used to carry her around whenever we went out. Then when she found her feet she just wanted to walk! The pushchair hardly got any use and when I eventually sold it it was still practically brand new.
Now the pushchairs that I like are around the £600 mark. 
What happens if I spend that much and munchkin number 2 is exactly the same as munchkin number 1 and freaks out in pushchairs……I will have spent £600 for nothing.
Out of curiosity I looked at the website. 
The same pushchair, only 9 months old so still under warranty, was on the site for £240.
A huge saving.
And in all honesty I was tempted. I could use the money saved on something else.
However I still can’t bring myself to buy something second hand for my baby that has taken so long to conceive. And as I still have most of munchkin 1’s baby stuff, the only expense I have is the pushchair.
So new it is!!


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  • assalamu alaikum interesting your thoughts was my own for quite some time but now love 2nd hand bargains ..if comes from your first child ..its second hand in a manner. when you stay in a hotel sheets have been slept in by maybe hundreds of people, drinks or food out the utensils have passed many hands, even at others houses. the baby i sure will be touched by many people within a few days of birth – another babies pram washed down with care and love.. no big deal.. but each to their own. may ALLAH bless you with pious beautiful children a coolness to your eyes.amin

  • If you don't need much for your little one, you can go for a new one, you will feel more comfortable with it anyway.
    Now I think in some cases second hands are good too……Take care dear!

  • wa alaikum asalaam. Thank you for your comment.

    If it comes from my first child I don't class that as second hand…it is a family item.

    And even if it was from family and friends I wouldn't think twice.

    Just the thought of not knowing where something has come from makes me a bit iffy about it….

    But as I said I know there is nothing wrong with second hand…I am personally not used to it.

    JAzakAllah Khair for your dua. Ameen.

  • Yes that is what I was thinking….if I needed everything I would consider the pushchair second hand especially since I am unlikely to have a job to return to after maternity leave. But as it is the only 'big' thing I need to purchase then why not get new!

    Have a lovely weekend x