Week 17 – Pregnancy Update

My last update was 2 weeks ago and since then I have had 2 appointments. 
The first was with the midwife for a routine check up. She checked my blood pressure and then tried to listen’s to bub’s heartbeat.
Bubs was very active mashAllah and the midwife would find it and then bubs would be on the move. I appear to have a right active little thing growing away mashAllah. In the end the midwife gave up. As she had heard baby moving she was not too concerned about hearing the heartbeat.
I told the midwife that the diabetes was beginning to get me down but she tried to reassure me by telling me that my levels are not very high compared to some ladies with diabetes. So that is good.
My second appointment was with the dietician.
Well, all I can say about that appointment was that it was a complete waste of time.
I went to the appointment thinking that the dietician would be able to give me some ideas of what to eat and help me with a meal plan.
I was living in dreamland.
As soon as I got to the appointment she asked me, ‘So how can I help?’
Ummm….I’ve been referred to you so shouldn’t you know?!
She then just went on about reducing portion sizes, carbohydrates etc. I knew all that anyway. So I didn’t really get anything out of the appointment.
I phoned up my diabetic nurse and I am now on medication after every meal. I am hoping this will be enough as I really don’t want to increase it further or end up on insulin.
I am seeing the diabetes consultant and medicine team on Thursday so will see what they say.Photobucket

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  • I loved the feeling of my baby moving around. Enjoy what you can and also do as Salma suggests, find other mums who have had similar experiences.

    P.S. Your Friday Wisdom did NOT work for me this week 🙁

  • Ive come across one mum on netmums…and although come across some pregnant bloggers…none have gestational diabetes! Still looking! x

  • Thanks for the comment hun! I am feeling baby move and then..still flutters!

    Sorry the Friday Wisdom didn't work for you!! 🙁

  • I had gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy, the baby is now 4 months. I tried to cut sugar as much as possible and to eat more whole grains (whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc). I found that the most important thing was to start the day right, a slice of whole wheat bread with cheese was the best choice for me, cereals were really the worse choice and I completely cut those out. I really love rice and bread so I really couldn’t cut those out. I also tried to keep snacks to a granola bar or nuts. They helped my craving without going overboard. At my first appointment after finding out I had gestational diabetes, I had lost 3 pounds. After that I did not gain much weight but didn’t lose any more and kept the diabetes under control. I wish all the best with your pregnancy!

  • Glad to hear all is well with the baby. I imagine how hard it is to look for the best things to eat. I pray you'll find mums or bloggers with the same issue, so you can get some tips and advices.
    Stay well. xx