Week 21 ~ Pregnancy Update


I can’t believe I am already half way through the pregnancy. Only seems like yesterday that I saw this:

I had my 20 week scan on the 4th May but due to laptop issues I couldn’t post my update. 
Bubs was totally not cooperating at the scan. Had it’s back and bum showing rather than the front and it’s face. Therefore it made it difficult for all the checks to be made. 
I was asked to do some star jumps to see if that would make bubs move. That was so embarrassing!  
But did bubs move??
It seemed to be totally comfortable and determined to make the scan as difficult as it could, but it did slightly move so that some of the checks could be conducted. I managed to see the heart so clearly that I could see the 4 different chambers mashAllah.
But because they could not check the face I had to book another scan for 3 weeks. They also could not tell me if it was a boy or girl because s/he had it’s legs curled up and hiding it’s ‘bits’.
It has been discovered that I have an anterior low lying placenta. Because the placenta is low (covering baby’s exit), I need a further scan at 32 weeks to ensure it has moved. If it doesn’t move, then I will have to have a c-section. I am not overly concerned with this because I had a low lying placenta with munchkin and it had moved by the end.
So now in the run up to September I have 6 extra scans! (4 because of the diabetes).
Well at least I can keep seeing bubs and seeing how s/he is developing!
The diabetes is pretty much still under control with the medication. BUT the sugar levels do seem to be creeping up again slowly. I have a feeling that they may end up increasing my medication – I really want to try to avoid having insulin injections. I still seem to be losing weight and that is beginning to worry me; but I am seeing the diabetes team again next week so will see what they say.Photobucket

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  • alhamdulillah, the best news for couples…i hope oneday inshallah
    take care sis :DDDD love u fi allah

  • That's really great that you will get a lot of scans! In Egypt I got a scan every month and I looked forward to them so much so I could watch the baby growing and check she was ok. I got lovely scan photos from each month too which I treasure.
    Hope your placenta moves before bubs is ready to be born!

  • I am only meant to have a scan at 12 weeks and 20 weeks….only have all these due to risks of gestational diabetes!

    The placenta moved the first time so inshAllah this time it will again!

  • happy to hear that things are going smooth. Ma Sha Allah! I used to love scan sessions because I could see my baby moving.. growing. Like you know it's crime to detect sex of fetus in India… So I was kinda of awkwardly curious to look through the screen and find out if it's a boy/girl…lolz….:)

    I had a lower laying placenta too. But had moved up by 36-37 weeks. My doc had told its natural to have lower laying placenta and in most cases it will move up…