Week 23 ~ Pregnancy Update

Dear Baby,

I am not sure why you are determined to make mummy’s scans difficult. Either you are very shy or simply like playing games; I hope it is the first.

It is NOT funny hiding your face behind your hands when that is the one thing that the sonographer has brought me back to the hospital to check. Usually you are pretty active but all of a sudden, when it is time for the scan, you suddenly felt sleepy, and when you eventually showed your face you appeared to be yawning. I am sorry but are we boring you?

Even going for a walk and eating some chocolate (when I shouldn’t) wouldn’t make you move but luckily the sonographer managed to check what she needed to!

Oh and it is not nice hiding things so I couldn’t find out if you are a girl or boy. We think we know what you are but can’t be sure 100%.

And I love the way as soon as I left the hospital you started kicking like mad again and were clearly wide awake.

Please behave at your next scan!

Love Mum.
As you can see we had fun at the scan again. Due to the awkward position bubs was lying in we couldn’t even get a decent picture. However they finally managed to check everything they needed and everything is ok Alhamdulillah; that is the main thing.
I had an appointment with the midwife aswell this week and heard bubs heartbeat for the first time. It never ceases to amaze me and that’s when it hits me that I am not one but two.
My next appointment now is not until mid June so probably won’t update until then!
Oh and forgot to tell you all I got my pushchair!! I normally wouldn’t buy this early but the deal was too good to miss!


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  • I can see that bubs is very playful. Alhamdullillah everything is going smoothly for you Foz. Take care and have a beautiful weekend.

  • Awhh! this made me smileee all the way to the end. Your baby sounds like a very playful child M'A. Hope everything is going well for you!

    Take care of yourself!

    Yours Truly x

  • mashaallah cheeky baby.. inshaallah he/she'll be safe and healthy that;s the most important.. which stroller did you finally want to buy?

  • Thanks everyone

    Blueberry I finally got the Quinny Buzz 3. I was going to get the silvercross surf but then decided I didnt want to spend that much!