When to take Maternity Leave

One of the questions on a working pregnant mum’s mind is when to take maternity leave and it is something that I have been debating for the last few months.
Basically there are 2 options:
  • I take it as soon as a I can to give me a bit of a rest and prepare for the baby’s arrival – shopping and decorating.
  • I take it as late as possible so that I have more time with baby before I return to work.

I can start my maternity leave at the beginning of July and I have to inform my employers in the next few weeks so I really need to make a definite decision.
With munchkin I worked until 4 weeks before my due date to give me a bit of a rest before she arrived; she arrived 2 weeks early.
However this time my job is more stressful, and because of the diabetes I have so many extra appointments which will add to the stress when I am rushing around everywhere.
Part of me wants to continue working. Going to work gives me a set routine, even with my meals which is important for the diabetes, and makes the time go quicker. The plus side of working late is you end up having more time with baby before returning to work – you get a years maternity leave.
However, I am at risk of being made redundant while on maternity leave so am unlikely to have a job to return to anyway. So in that sense it does’t matter when I take maternity leave as I won’t have to rush back when my leave ends.
Another plus side of taking it in July is that munchkin will be on her school holidays. It will be the perfect opportunity to spend time with her in the holidays and start to prepare her for the baby’s arrival.
In addition to this it will be Ramadan and I would rather not be at work during Ramadan, my parents would have to look after her while fasting and I don’t want to put that pressure on them even though she generally is no trouble.
Today was also a bad day at work. I had to deal with a client who seriously makes my blood pressure rise and this pretty much convinced me to take my maternity leave as soon as I can. Although this means my income will drop sooner rather than later, my health is more important. I don’t want to be dealing with stroppy members of the public when I don’t have to.
Roll on end of July.


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  • I definitely think you should prioritize your health over the money. I know it's easy to say but it seems the best to do. Anyway I think you made up your mind already.
    Best of luck for these last weeks of work dear. XX

  • It sounds as though taking it early would be best for you in terms of health and spending time with munchkin. Good luck making your decision. A years maternity leave is fab!

  • In my opinion you should prioritize health over work, as your health is not so well. But, I know its a tougher decision to make. I myself worked till Liya was born. That made me occupied always… I really didn't want t sit idle… Leaving job all of sudden would make us feel empty. However, I was healthy. But your case I feel you need more focus on your health as well.

    1 year ML is awesome. I just had 3 months..:)

    Anyways, may Allah help you make a better decision. Aameen!

  • You are right, I need to prioritise my health.. have formally confirmed it with my employer that I want to leave end of July x

  • Decision made, leaving end of July. You don't get full pay in the year off and you get nothing in the final 3 months.

  • Ameen

    You are right. This time I also have munchkin to keep me company during the mat leave too so inshAllah it will pass quickly!