The thought of giving birth scares me

The thought of giving birth scares the living daylights out of me if I am honest.
With munchkin no1 I went through the pregnancy pretty much in denial that this baby had to come out eventually….I tried not to think about it at all as I would just get into a bit of a panic.
At school I was friends with 2 others and we used to say we would never have kids; one even went so far to say she would remove her uterus (not sure if she ever did but I know she hasn’t had any kids but keeps horses!)
The whole going through 9 months of labour, painful birth, and then screaming babies, sick, exploding nappies, whinging toddlers just did not appeal to me.
So when I fell pregnant with my first soon after marriage, I tried to totally block out the fact that I had to go through labour. That was pretty easy because after an initial bleeding scare the pregnancy was a breeze.
When I actually went into labour 2 weeks earlier than my due date, I was in denial – I didn’t believe baby could be early and I hadn’t mentally prepared myself for it. 
Alhamdulillah the labour was quick. In less than 2 hours from waking up and gettting to the hospital, munchkin had arrived. It was all a bit panicked as they thought my placenta had burst so they started prepping me for a c-section. They gave me a spinal block so after that I felt nothing!!! But alhamdulillah I didn’t have to have a c-section. When they handed me munchkin I was in shock that it had happened so quickly and just looked at her thinking ‘OMG a baby!!’
Because I never fully experienced the pain of giving birth, I will admit I am slightly freaked out again. The fact that I have diabetes and that can mean a large baby is also freaking me out. In all honesty, as the final 3 month countdown begins I am TOTALLY freaking out. All the hospital appointments and scans don’t help. Yes they are making sure that everything is ok but it just panics me because it reminds me I NEED extra care to ensure nothing goes wrong.
I know I am just being a bit daft – must be the hormones on overdrive.


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  • Sending you big hugs. I was freaked out about giving birth too. And if I'm honest I was such a baby about the pain. I cried the whole time and they kept sending me home saying I wasn't far enough a long. They said to call when I couldn't bear the pain anymore and I kept calling and they kept saying to just relax at home.

    But as soon as they handed me Nora I couldn't even remember the pain. People told me this would happen and I didn't believe them but it was true.

    I hope that your labour with the new little one goes well and goes quickly for you. Insha'allah everything will be fine and you will get great pain meds and you will forget everything once he or she is in your arms.

  • Thank you! I will be walking into the hospital demanding an epidural I think!!!

    I am a complete wimp when it come's to pain too!!

  • I hope all things will go well dear. i imagine it can be quite scary but you can do it. Much love.

  • Everything will go smooth dear sis, In Sha Allah! Guess we get a invisible power at the time of giving birth- the support of Lord, like always!

    Everything will be fine In Sha Allah!

  • Please don't worry – you really don't know what will happen on the day – so why worry about it now! If you already had a quick birth the chances are it will be the same I think. And yes I agree with the other lady you really do forget the pain immediatley after having your baby. Hope all goes well and try to relax please.