Trip to the beach!

This weekend I was determined to go out somewhere, come rain or shine!!

I was seriously getting fed up of sitting at home at the weekend and getting totally bored out my brains. I have been meaning to take munchkin for a day out for the past month as during the summer holidays I will be heavily pregnant. Even after just 3 hours at the beach I couldn’t believe how exhausted I ended up being at just 27 weeks!!
We went to  Hunstanton which also has the Sea Life Sanctuary. Apart from it being a bit windy we had a lovely day. In all honesty I prefer it when it is not too hot. It is less busy, you are not sweating away AND you don’t have practically naked people every where you look! Sorry but I can’t stand seeing everyone else’s flesh. 
Enjoy the  pics!! Am linking this post with Fiona at Combes Mill
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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  • Assalamualeikum wa rahmatulahi wabarakatuhu!

    That sounds like so much fun… 🙂 I know how you feel, some weekends you are just so BORED that you'll accept ANY offer of going out, so long as it actually is away from ones home… -.-'

    But alhamdulillah, good you guys had fun!

    Salaam and peace

  • I know what you mean about getting out, we are lucky enough to have the farm here but I still love a trip out to the beach on a good weekend. Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos, I would love to go pony riding on the beach!

  • Assalamu Alaykum!
    hehehe, I'm on your side about "I can't stand seeing people's flesh" over here in Cyprus the beaches are full, and its like – flesh – flesh – woobly – woobly! I Love those photos ,those ponies, they are adorable. Glad you had a nice day out at the beach, get some fresh air ;), My mother used to go to the beach where there are not much people, when she was pregnant with me, but she swam instead , the water helps in carrying some of the belly weight. Anyway, thanks for sharing Foz, have a lovely day

  • Oh wow! It feels like ages since I last went to a beach. There aren't any in the place where I live. So even if I want to go, I'll have to plan in advance, book tickets, pack up this and that…

    It's wonderful that at long last you managed to make this visit.
    Take care! 🙂

  • wa alaikum asalaam!

    Yes I was certainly feeling that way and hubby realised I was getting bored and moody!!

  • Wa alaikum asalaam!

    Woobly woobly!! LOL!! Exactly!!

    I can't swim…..guess I would drown if I tried!