Week 26 ~ Pregnancy Update

SubhanAllah! Can’t believe I am 26 weeks today! It only seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant! The days and weeks are flying by! I am FINALLY beginning to show and people can now notice that I am pregnant. 
So I had my next appointment at the diabetic clinic. And the Midwife decided to freak me out abit! They sure like to panic you.
This is the first time the fundal height was measured. This is a measure of the size of the uterus used to assess fetal growth and development. First the trainee midwife had a go and she was quite heavy handed. Bubs didn’t like it and kicked back!!! The midwife actually felt the kick. Don’t blame bubs for kicking…..I mean how would you like being pressed on?!
The MW training her was concerned the measurement was a bit small so she had a go too. I was getting fed up as it was hurting when they were pressing down trying to find my pubic bone. 
Her measurement was 2cm bigger than what the trainee got. But she was concerned that the measurements were small and she wanted me to have a scan there and then. I explained I had a scan in 3 weeks anyway but she said she wanted me to have one now.
She managed to get the sonographer to fit me in reluctantly and the measurements were fine…..if anything bubs has had a growth spurt. So all the panic for nothing!!
The diabetic consultants changed my medication to slow release tablets as I have been experiencing a bad stomach for a while. Am slightly stressed by that as I had pretty much managed to control the diabetes with the old meds and knew what foods I could get away with. I now feel like I am starting from scratch again but today hasn’t been too bad. I have to see how it goes over the weekend and ring them on Monday to let them know if my stomach has settled down.

I will be seeing my own MW in less than 2 weeks and am back at the diabetic clinic in 3 weeks!! Getting so fed up with all the appointments BUT at least they are looking after me well.

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  • I am glad everything is going fine, at least you are being looked after even though it can be a headache at times.Take Care sister.