Would you complain? Swimming problems

As it is the summer term (and I use the word summer loosely here!), munchkin has swimming for 2 weeks. She has 8 sessions in the school pool.

So why do I want to complain about this I hear you ask.

Well it is a couple of things.

One of the things that has annoyed me since last year is the fact that we have to pay.

Oh actually, we are asked to make a ‘contribution’. We don’t HAVE to, but they keep a list of all the parents that have paid.

I know it is only £8, £1 a session, but my attitude is WHY should I pay. Apparently it is part of the curriculum so she HAS to do it.

Ok so why do I have to pay?

Do I have to pay for any travel costs? Does it cost to walk from her classroom to the pool?

Do I have to pay for a qualified instructor???

If it is part of the curriculum why should I contribute to the cost of heating the pool? Not my problem. Does she have to pay for her reading books? Her maths activities? For the paper she uses in the school?? No because that is all part of the curriculum and school activities.

If we have to pay we should get the option to pull them out.

For those in the UK, you will know the weather has been miserable.

But they are still making them swim in the cold and rain. Then they spend the rest of the day with wet hair and if it is not raining they are sent out in the cold to play with wet hair.

Munchkin has a swimming cap but because she has long hair mashAllah she cannot put it on herself. The school refuse to help her.

Now because of the swimming in the cold and rain and walking around with wet hair she is getting a cold

And if I don’t send her to school I am going to get hauled in for a meeting about her attendance – see my post here for the low down on that.

I seriously could scream right now and punch something.Photobucket

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  • They are quite crazy Foz. I imagine you have the same weather as us, it's way too cold for children to go swimming. And why they don't want help her to put her cap on……I understand you are not happy with it at all. Poor little ones.
    Take care. xx