Week 29 ~ Pregnancy Update

SubhanAllah cannot believe I am in the third and final trimester. The countdown begins now.
I have only 2 weeks left at work, as stated before I have decided to take my maternity leave early so that I can spend the summer holidays with munckin and decorate the house and shop in peace. Although I have had a cold the last few days and in between my high temperatures I have been shopping online! Have ordered the cot mattress, a changing mat and baby towel. It is a start and I now have the shopping bug! Can’t wait until I am on maternity leave and can shop properly!
Went to the diabetic clinic on Thursday. They took some blood and I had a growth scan. Baby is growing well. Bubs is in the average range but on the lower end. This has reasurred me slightly as the fear with diabetes is having a HUGE baby which can lead to a c-section. InshAllah if bubs continues at the rate s/he is growing the chances of having a c-section are slim, unless of course my placenta has not moved out the way and then I will have no choice but to have a c-section.
My sugar levels are mostly controlled. Have the odd ‘blip’ now and then. Due to being ill the last few days they have unfortunately been over the place – but I also have had some chocolate as was feeling sorry for myself (slap on the wrist).

On the plus side I found a site online that does sugar free items so ordered some:

Hubby saw the box of food and just had to try some. I swear he is like a dustbin sometimes!! Gobbles everything up! He opened the chocolate cookies – they taste ok but nothing beats the real thing.The chocolate bar was quite nice and the dark chocolate wasn’t too bad. But told hubby that he has to buy me a big box of galaxy chocolate when bubs arrives and I want an ice cream van ice cream too. I miss them!!
11 weeks to go inshAllah!!
PS: Bloggers, if anyone would like to do some guest posts for me to schedule for when baby is here please contact me – I probably will be too tired to post initially when bubs arrives inshAllah.


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  • I would love to do a guest post for you insha'Allah. Is there any topic in particular you'd like me to write about? 🙂

  • I am glad to read you and see it's all good Foz. 11 weeks it will come so quickly. Stay well. xx