Week 32 ~ Pregnancy Update

32 weeks tomorrow alhamdulillah.
I’m going to have a baby soon!! Washed all of the baby’s clothes I already have purchased, ready for the hospital bag and it has made it seem that little bit more real.
Sleepless nights will soon be here!!
I went to the diabetic clinic on Thursday and alhamdulillah all is well. There were 2 male sonographers on duty and I wasn’t comfortable being scanned by them; especially as one had a student male nurse in with him. 2 males and me on my own? No thank you. Am totally not comfortable with that. I don’t mind male doctors etc when it is an emergency but not for routine checks. So politely had to ask them not to be offended but that I would prefer to wait for the female sonographer to be free.
Alhamdulillah the wait was worth it. The female sonographer was lovely and talked to me throughout the whole scan; so far as to even show me my bladder!! Bubs for once decided to behave and she was able to check everything she needed to. The placenta has moved and bubs weighs approximately 4lb 1oz at the moment. So unless bubs has a crazy growth spurt in the next few weeks, the risk of having a c-section has passed.
I think they normally induce you though but they will discuss that with me at my next appointment. So instead of 8 weeks, bubs may be here in 6!
The diabetes team were happy with my sugar levels, so much so that I only sat with them for less than a minute!! They were concerned about my weight loss again as I have again lost almost 1kg. I had to convince them that I was not starving myself and the weight loss was a combination of being ill and final few stressful weeks at work.
So my first week of maternity leave is over. It has flown by and although I initially thought that I had left too soon, I now know it was the best decision I could have made. Since leaving work my sugar levels have been much better so I reckon as I am now at home and chilled out it has helped improve them (stress can make them high too).

Oh and just had to show you what my sister got bubs!  It was on offer in Mothercare and we couldn’t resist! I could play with it myself all day!

Source: Amazon
I now see the midwife in 2 weeks time and am back at the diabetic clinic in 3 weeks so will update you then!


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