Book Reviews: ‘Big Brave Daddy’ and ‘Eggs 123 Who will the babies be?

Big Brave Daddy by Smiljana Coh
Ages 2-5

Big Brave Daddy is about Charlie and his daddy! Charlie looks up to his daddy who is so fast, big and brave. Charlie does some things, but his daddy does even more amazing things. For example, Charlie sleds down the hill… then lift up the flap to show that Charlie’s daddy skis down a high mountain! ‘Daddy is SO FAST!’
This is a lovely book to read with your young children. The language is simple, and the colours and illustrations throughout the book will keep your child entertained. It shoes how a young child will look up to it’s daddy and I love the way it ends with how Charlie will do these things with his daddy when he is older.

Eggs 123 Who will the babies be? by Janet Halfman
Ages 3+

This is a lovely book to aid with a child’s counting. It starts with 1 egg up to 10 eggs. However it is not just a counting book but also helps a child guess and learn some baby animal names.
‘One egg, big and white, snuggled on Papa’s feet in a land of ice and snow’.
You are then asked, ‘who will the baby be?’
The child can take a guess before lifting up a flap to reveal the answer: ‘1 Penguin chick, gray and fluffy, peeking out at me.’
There are a variety of animals used including platypus and glowworms  Children can count the number of eggs on each page and once the flap is lifted, count the number of babies.
The final page shows all the eggs and their sizes. Once the flap is lifted, the child can again count the animals as they are shown together on the page.

Disclaimer: I was sent the books to review courtesty of Blue Apple Books. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Images taken from Blue Apple Books

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