Ok not really a blog topic but hey, just wanted to share.
I decided it was time I treated myself and have booked myself in with the hairdresser. 
You may think so what?! But I usually don’t bother with hairdressers. I just go to the hairdresser very rarely for a trim, think the last time I went was over a year ago.
But I decided I want to get my hair cut and styled.
Problem is I don’t know what style I want! At the moment it is long, just past the middle of my back (used to be up to bum) and all I ever do is stick it in a pony tail!
So for all the crazy about hair readers out there, any suggestions about what I should actually get done?!

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  • Hmmm…I am quite similar to you when it comes to hairdressers. Last time I trimmed my hairs on my own to avoid going to a beauty parlor. 😀

    I am probably not the one to give you suggestions on this matter but maybe layers would do if you don't want to have short hairs. Remember though, hairstyles would need maintenance.

    Tell us how it went once you get the hair cut.

  • I normally cut my own hair – however I went to a womens course recently where they were giving free haircuts – I wasn't very adventurous though and only got a trim. I did cut a fringe last year and totally regretted it and still trying to get it long arghhhh!