Review: Nano Speed Super Vert Crash Set

I had never heard of Nano Speed so when I was offered the chance to review the Nano Speed Super Vert Crash Set I couldn’t resist. Although some may see it as a ‘boys’ toy, munchkin likes cars too (she clearly takes after me!) so it was ideal for us.

So what is Nano Speed?
They are small and fast ‘extreme micro-sized vehicles powered by the NS-1500 motor! With an insane power to weight ratio, each Nano Speed is packed with enough power to defy gravity and perform insane-high speed stunts.’
Sounds great doesn’t it?
What’s in the box?
The track, motor and 2 cars.
Stickers to decorate the track with.
The track is relatively easy to build. I did scratch my head initially and get frustrated as I did not realise that the tracks were all numbered (blame pregnancy brain). As soon as I cottoned on to that fact, building it was a piece of cake!
The cars come with a pull back mechanism. You pull them back until they click and then let go to launch them. Once you launch them they go round the triple loop, and are then boosted by the battery pack (note you require 2 size D batteries) to hit maximum speed; they can go as fast as 1500mph scaled speed. The boost powers them up the vertical track and down back into the boost unit.
We struggled to get the cars to go round the initial triple loop. I managed it a few times but munchkin could not do it at all. She gave up and put the cars straight through the boost battery pack. She was fascinated by how fast the cars went but it was spoiled by the cars actually falling off the track. One consistently fell off and at that speed went flying and actually hit her on the head as she was sitting on the floor next to it (luckily she found it funny – however it could have turned nasty).
Another downside to it is that the battery pack is extremely noisy and can get irritating after a while. So not ideal if you want your child to have a bit of quiet play time.
Munchkin is currently fascinated by the crash set, but I can see her getting bored of it after a while. One way of keeping a child’s interest in it is to collect the various cars available; there are 60+ Nano Speed cars to collect and various different sets. 
However, my main concern is that if the cars fall off the track at that speed, even though they are small, they could do some damage.
Disclaimer: I was sent the Crash Set for review purposes by Blog-Match. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  • dont think this is going to be a best seller at Christmas as they were hoping. Im with you and my review also said it was dangerous and I would not recommend it

  • Yes I agree, I doubt it will be a best seller…and if it does, I reckon they will have complaints about the cars flying off the circuit

  • Hi, I'm Jo from from Spin Master. I'm sorry that you had an issue with the Nano Speed. From playing with it myself, I found it easier to put one car through the motor and leave that one going, then launch the others one by one by hand through the loop. Don’t over pull back the cars or they will flip (so much power under that little bonnet)when fully charged once on the track they will pick up momentum with the first one, then see how many you can get going around the track all at once – it takes a bit of skill and practice. Give it a go and fingers crossed you will find its great fun – it’s all about racing and crashing and try setting some targets to aim for such as how many can you get going at once and time how long before they crash out.