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I don’t know if it is because I am currently pregnant and being extra careful when driving, but I seem to be noticing more how idiotic some drivers are (either that or the standard of driving is generally deteriorating!)
Now I am not saying I am the perfect driver; after 14 years I can still make mistakes. But I am finding myself getting increasingly frustrated these days which could be due to the hormones!! Take the other day for example, I was at a mini roundabout and it was my right of way. A car pulls out in front of me and gives me an evil look as though it was MY fault? Excuse me?!
So from a normally chilled out driver I am turning into one who gets so irritated quickly that I won’t hesitate to use the horn and make my frustration known. Did you know that 63% of Brits admit to sounding their horn, 53% flash their lights and more than one in five (22%) will shout or swear in response to other drivers’ bad behaviour? I must admit I fit into all three of those percentages!
So what kind of driver are you?!
Quotemehappy.com have launched a new campaign, where you are invited to discover your driving personality. Check out the video below; I am sure you will recognise yourself in at least one of the drivers!
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Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Quotemehappy.com, but all thoughts are my own.


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  • I learnt driving as soon as I turned 18 but the traffic is so unruly that it is a challenging task to take out a car on the road. It's as if everyone has their own set of rules on the road. What's most annoying is the fact that if a female is driving and something happens then it naturally becomes her fault. Driving is not as enjoyable as we presume it to. 🙁