Week 37 ~ Pregnancy Update

I am now officially full term alhamdulillah! Scary stuff!! The 9 months, even with the gestational diabetes have flown by.
I had my final appointments at the diabetic clinic last week. My consultant was on holiday so someone was covering – so I didn’t think I would get the answers I wanted. 
However, the consultant who was covering made the decisions that needed to be made.
The hospital policy is to induce ladies with gestational diabetes. This is because the placenta can stop working towards the end so they do not risk it and literally force baby out after 38 weeks.
As baby is weighing in at 6lb 12 oz there is no need for a c-section as that is a normal weight alhamdulillah. But I will be induced – I am not looking forward to that and that is making me feel physically sick!!
I will be having a sweep on the 11th inshAllah. If that does not work I will be booked into hospital 2 days later to start the induction. Once I am in hospital I won’t be allowed to leave until baby has arrived. If the induction does not work in a few days then they will give me a c-section. So sadly the risk of a c-section has not totally gone.
I am not looking forward to the sweep or the induction. The thought of them is worrying me and if the process takes a few days I will be stuck in hospital which I really didn’t want. 
But the thing that is stopping me from totally freaking out is the fact that I will have baby in my arms in less than 2 weeks inshAllah!
I also spoke to the diabetic consultant who was pleased with my diabetes control so far. He advised me to stop taking the meds as soon as baby has arrived and then I will have to have a fasting blood test 6 weeks after delivery to check to see if the diabetes has gone. After that I will need to be checked annually. 
InshAllah the diabetes goes away.Photobucket

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