Book Review: Hello My New Baby

Having a new baby is life changing. And even more life changing for any other children who have been getting all the attention and now have to share this attention.
A new baby is lavished with attention and presents, and it is not surprising that other children can feel left out. I am currently dealing with a 6 year old who I believe is ‘playing up’ through jealousy. For 6 years she has been the only child, now a baby has arrived who is getting more attention then her!
Hello, My New Baby is an activity book for children aged 3+. It has been created for children to ‘express what it is like to have a new baby in their lives’.
Children are able to write in the book, colour in, and use the 2 sheets of stickers that come with the book to keep a record of the baby.

Image from Blue Apple Books

This is a novel way to help older siblings feel more involved with the baby. It comes in a number of sections:
Part 1: My New Baby
Part 2: Baby is Growing
Part 3: Baby and Me
Although I feel that munchkin 1 is slightly too old for this book, she is enjoying reading it and completing it. It makes her feel important that she is documenting things about the baby.
So if you are concerned about older siblings feeling left out then this book may be ideal to help make them feel involved.


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