Guest Post: Stay Well, Fire Your Doctor – Part 2


Second Guest Post by Cerebral Tickle
Stay Well, Fire Your Doctor – Part 2
We live in a time where there is an obesity crisis.  What was once considered to be well overweight is now the norm, and the norm is now viewed by many as being so skinny that it appears to be unattainable.  Why?  There are 2 reasons.  The second and very important is our level of activity.
Once upon a time, mankind led a physically active life.  We planted and hunted, walked then rode bicycles, and had careers which required movement.  We now do the opposite.  Most of our transportation methods require us to sit, computerization of many industries made many jobs redundant and ultimately non-existent, with many of those remaining being the type which require us to sit all day.  Television, computers, game consoles, internet and more cause us to spend our free time sitting on our behinds.  Walking 10 000 steps a day now is a real chore instead of being an effortless portion of our daily lives.  Of course our worsened eating habits only exacerbate the problem.
So what is the solution?  It’s simple; we just need to put aside a small portion of time daily to move.  That’s it!  Who cares if it’s walking, jogging, swimming, running, playing a sport, doing a workout, lifting weights or anything else?  The point is that our bodies are designed to move, and we need to move them.  We have already seen the negative effects of not doing that (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and more).  Why not spend an hour a day outside playing Frisbee with our children?  One hour is only 4% of our day anyway. 

And speaking of children, remember that our little ones learn from our examples.  We cannot expect them to give up the game console and go outside to run around when we don’t give up our computers and smart phones, Twitter and Facebook, to do the same.  If they see us spending all of our time being addicted to technology, then that is what they will do too.Photobucket

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