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I just received this email and thought I would share it incase anyone found it beneficial and would like to join the webinar.

I see the blood, I hear the cries. In faith the Palestinian people unite knowing it may be their last day. Strong. Brave. Hopeful, even after so many years of pain. I’m surprised at their might, truly their eman (faith) has reached a mighty height.
Have you ever wondered; what makes Palestine so special and why do you and I care so much? Did you know that Salahuddin Ayyubi (ra) saved this land many years ago? Now, what made him so special and us so weak? Or perhaps you question; is Gaza really part of our legacy?
Join us for an online webinar with a difference!
It’s more than about raising money, it’s about creating Your Gaza Legacy!
Guest speakers include Br. Nouman Ali Khan, Sh. Musleh Khan, Sh. Riad Ouarzazi and Aaqib Ahmed. Hosted by Sr. Alima Ashfaq.

Saturday, 1 December – 6pm GMT

Register now at

The I am Alima Team

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  • I wish I could participate in this one, but unfortunately it's the most hectic time of the day for me.. InshaAllah this will be available on their website or youtube later