Mouse mission accomplished!

Woohoo I caught the mouse! After 2 months!!

I first noticed that a mouse had found it’s way into the house soon after I returned from hospital and I was home all the time. During a feed I suddenly noticed a small head pop round the bathroom door.
It was kind of cute!!
But I realised I couldn’t have a mouse in the house with 2 kids.
So although I don’t like killing things I got my dad to get some posion for me….. (I was struggling to walk at that point with my third degree tear!)
The mouse gobbled up the poison. 
In fact over the next few days it was stuffing it self with the poison.
WHY wasn’t it dying?!
Research showed that the poison worked by dehydrating it. As it was living in the bathroom it was getting water.
In the end I decided to try a humane mouse trap. I don’t like those snap the neck ones and find the glue traps particularly cruel.
A week later it hadn’t worked so I thought maybe it was dead.
Put some poison down and by the morning it was gone. It was clearly alive!
So I put some chocolate in the trap.
Still wouldn’t get in.
I then contacted an exterminator……. £85 to lay some traps?!
I decided to give it one last go myself before I parted with my money.
And for some reason it finally got tempted by the chocolate! But the blasted trap wasn’t set properly so it escaped with my chocolate!!
However, it seems the chocolate was enough to tempt it to get back in the trap. As within half an hour of resetting the trap it was caught!
I bet it was kicking itself for getting caught!!


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  • I had the same problem a few weeks ago with a little visitor hiding behind my fridge in the kitchen. I laid a trap and put some peanut butter on it and each day I noticed the peanut butter would reduce and then one day after all the peanut butter had finished the trap finally worked, lol.

  • We head a mouse in our home a few years ago. I got such a shock when it was sitting on my computer table one morning! The local council pest control came out for free and laid posion down and I never saw the mouse again!

  • I was going to try peanut butter next too!
    I was googling how to catch mice and realised that cheese isn't necessarily the best thing to use!