The NHS is going downhill

I did a post some time ago about how we should be grateful for the NHS here. I stand by that.
However, I also said that ‘I can just see the service getting worse’. I had first hand experience of that when giving birth recently. You can read my birth story here.
If the thought of birth doesn’t already scare the life out of me, my recent experience wants me to keep my legs totally crossed with no more babies being allowed to be born.
Do not get me wrong, I cannot fault the staff….on the whole they were lovely, in particular the ones who cared for me after the baby had arrived. But the lead up to the birth was eventful.
I was induced. Induced a day after I was supposed to be due to the lack of beds. 
Then after the pessary was inserted I was meant to be monitored every half hour/hour. That didn’t happen after the first couple of times.
I was meant to have the 2nd pessary inserted at 9.30pm. That didn’t happen either.
I was buzzing them saying I was in pain. But no-one examined me because the midwife allocated to me was busy helping another lady give birth.
During the labour my blood sugar levels were meant to have been monitored throughout. This didn’t happen since it all ended up as a panic, and when I fainted after the birth I asked them to check my levels when I came round – they were at the highest level they had ever been. I was meant to have been given insulin during the labour if my levels were out of control.
I am sure the fact that I was induced, combined with the fact that baby was ready to arrive ages before I got any assistance led to the third degree tear.
Oh and I mustn’t forge the poor woman who arrived at the delivery ward at the same time as me was kept waiting in reception for 45 minutes – I was convinced she was going to end up having the baby there in front of everyone!!
When I had munchkin 6 years ago, I had the same midwife throughout (except at the birth). She was always available and she was the one to visit me at home. My midwife this time was part time, only available at certain times and I did not see her once after the birth; I kept getting strange midwifes visiting me.
I don’t blame the staff. How can I? They were lovely but clearly pushed to the limit through no fault of their own. The way things are going more cuts are going to be be made…..and the staff are going to be more pushed….with the service getting worse. 
Now my GP surgery is messing me about and hasn’t checked me properly for diabetes. I am going to have to get my stroppy hat on and go and insist they do the proper blood test I need.Photobucket

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  • I totally agree with you. I've been undergoing some "treatment" for the past 6 months. They know the problem and still haven't treated it. I see the same consultant each time and each time they ask me the same questions (some of which are inappropriate) and really don't know what they are doing.

    Have you thought about making a complaint about the level of care you've received? You should do.

  • This is scary…

    The poor NHS cant cope, it was built to fail – free treatment to all, so its inevitable really. Something has to give, and I guess this is just the start.