Bloggers Gaza Awareness Week – Thank you for taking part

The linky has been reopened for another week as we have other contributors but they have been having net issues. Please feel free to share any other posts that you want during this time.

So we are coming to the end of Bloggers Gaza  Awareness Week and I want to say a huge thank you to those who have taken part and helped raise awareness.

I have always tried to keep politics etc from my blog but felt that this issue needed to be posted about. There are many images going round and I was made to feel guilty when I said I didn’t want to see images of dead babies; I was made to feel I didn’t care.

Sharing pictures of dead people is not want makes you the better person or  more caring, learning and understanding, and doing what you can, for our brothers and sisters, is what is important….and most of all praying. This awareness week and actively doing something is what counts.

I haven’t been able to do as much research as I wanted to do a lengthy detailed post (due to a colicky baby) but I have read all that has been posted.

Notmyyearoff shared these stats:

• As at 22 November (15:00 hrs), an estimated 103 Palestinian civilians, including 33 children and 13 women have been killed. Over 1269 Palestinians are reportedly injured, the majority civilians. 

• As at 22 November (15:00 hrs), an estimated 298 houses in Gaza have been destroyed or seriously damaged. More than 1,700 houses have sustained minor damage. 

• As at 22 November (15:00 hrs), four Israeli civilians have been killed and 224 are reported injured, the vast majority civilians.

The stats sum up what dorkymum said about the situation being David and Goliath.

Some people cannot understand why the fight is about land. I think this picture may give you some idea.

The palestinians are literally fighting for their survival and freedom.
I urge you to read the stories posted on Aisha’s blog here.
I also urge you to read this informative article I came cross. 
Thank you all again for taking part.

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