Review: Abjad City, iPhone App

ABJAD HAWAZ releases a new Arabic APP for kids to promote Arabic learning in a fun, interactive game format
Abjad City is now available on the Apple Store, for both iPhone and iPad

Munchkin is currently learning Arabic for the purposes of being able to read the Quran. So when I learnt of this app I was happy to review it. Anything to make it fun for the kids right?
The object of the game is to save Abjad City from Evil Sharoor. You use a magic carpet to collect scattered letters, which power the city, and also ‘save’ objects.

With level one you have to collect the letters and save objects.
 As the levels progress you have to avoid objects too.
As you fly over the letters they are worded phonetically and when you tap the objects you have to save they are also worded clearly. You have to collect 10 of the letters on each level (so far) so the repetition helps the child remember the letter. There are a mixture of other letters on each ‘mission’ so you have to ensure you collect the right one.
The levels progressively get harder which will keep the child interested and also appeal to different ages. The graphics are bright and colourful. My munchkin already knows her Arabic alphabet so this is more of a game for her and revision, but I can see the educational value in the app in teaching the Arabic letters to the children who have not yet learnt them.
The app is rated 4+ so I was initially concerned it may be slightly babyish for her. However, I had nothing to fear as she loves playing it. Although the problem is she can’t currently seem to get past level 2. I am personally stuck on level 3 as I can’t get past a flying chair. There must be a trick to get past it…I have yet to figure it out….. 

See the chair?
The game is relatively easy to play although I am not certain my munchkin could have played it when she was 4. You control the magic carpet using the round circle and you ‘save’ objects by tapping them. I initially couldn’t work out how to save the objects as I personally could not find anywhere any instructions to say tap them. 
If you collect the wrong letter or crash into an object, you simply restart that level – there does not seem to be a ‘game over’, so you continue to progress.

Abjad City is a fun, educational app which is currently available on the Apple Store for $1.99

Abjad Hawaz focuses on Edutainment – teaching through play. Founded by two Arab American mothers (Mouna Abdelhamid and Reem Atassi) who themselves struggled with finding innovative ways of teaching their children Arabic, the company’s mission is to develop engaging, interactive games that promote the Arabic language, culture and history. 

Disclaimer: I was sent a promotional code to download the app for free for the purposes of review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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