Book Review: Alphasaurs and Other Prehistoric Types

If you have dinosaur loving kids in your house then this book is a must have.
Image from Blue Apple Books Website
Alpahsaurs and Other Prehistoric Types is a fun way of introducing an A-Z of prehistoric animals. However it is not just any ordinary A-Z. The dinosaurs and other beasts are made up of their first letter:
As you can see, the whole of the Kentrosaurus is made up of the letter K! This makes the pictures all the more interesting to look at and they really stand out.
Each animal also comes with it’s own set of quirky facts:
Kentrosaurus’s tail could rotate with karate-like speed to knock out an attacker.
Kentrosuarus bones were first found in 1909 but got ka-pow-ed during a WWII air attack.
The facts are made humourous which is certain to keep a child’s interest rather than plain boring information.
In addition, the book also has some extra lift up flaps to help emphasise the size of the dinosaurs.
Munchkin loves the book and learning the facts. She has read it numerous times already. She is now on a mission to get me to learn all the facts so she can test me! 
Alphasaurs and Other Prehistoric Types is a jacketed non fiction book, recommended for ages 6-12.


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  • looks very interesting, Ayoub loves Dinosaurs and i'm sure this would be a book he would love, i might actually invest in one, thanks for sharing